The Artsaround Story

Every child deserves the chance to express themselves through the arts. The arts allow students to cultivate better ideas, create their own pathways to success and celebrate their accomplishments in their own communities. The arts improve learning, confidence, problem solving and social development. Art has the power to change lives and help to build stronger communities. Best of all, it is a really fun and authentic way to become culturally astute.

What Artsaround Can Do For Your School

For schools: We promote the arts as a cross-curricular, integrated experience, aligning the expectations in the Ontario Curriculum to the students’ studies in a meaningful way.

For teachers: We provide arts integrated lesson plans for teachers to lead inspirational music, drama and dance activities that make learning come alive.

For students: We give every child the chance to express themselves through the beauty of the arts, with opportunities to develop their creative and problem solving skills, to use their imaginations and to connect to their communities, cultures and place in the world.

For school and local communities: We plan ways to celebrate the arts in classrooms, at school assemblies and barbecues when parents, grandparents and neighbours are invited to attend school assemblies and special events. An Artsaround City-Wide Choir also entertains. Our goal is to make everyone aware of the beauty of the ‘arts around’ them!